Rebellious Landino

by Bantha Fodder Podcast

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Rebellious Landino is a Star Wars-themed parody of Childish Gambino's "Freaks & Geeks" taken from Episode 14 of the Bantha Fodder podcast. Since Donald Glover is taking on the role of the galaxy coolest cat in an upcoming movie, we wanted to pay tribute to everything about that which is awesome.


Landino is a mastermind, fly your ship to pass the time
Nien Nunb, by my side, this capes a flowing point of pride
This deal is getting worse, that’s why i sold your ass to Vader
But you’re going off to Jabba’s so I guess I’ll see you later.
Yeah, Landino make you work, I’m the boss man at Bespin
Yeah, this moustache really suits me, swag already built in
Lo bot acting crazy when his charge is all gone
I’m not down with occupation, get your ship and get gone
This deal is a disaster, Boba Fett is straight wack
Empire wants to mess with me, I’ll have to hit em right back
But first I’ll have to rescue because the princess she is hatin
I am flying your ship, you are just a decoration
Leaving with your girl when we last seen each other
Now I’m dressing up all funny, just a skiff guard undercover
Homie thawed out blind, just in time for dune seas
The Sarclacc is mighty scary, but HAN aim higher please
Death Star in my sights, bro, what do ya’ll think?
Get that shield down quick or this trench run is gonna stink
If I am just a smuggler man, you coulda fooled me
I’m a general, I'm a spy, man these ladies love me


released November 15, 2016
Written and performed by: Jacob Tender
Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Comite



all rights reserved


Bantha Fodder Podcast New York, New York

Bantha Fodder is a Star Wars podcast. Your hosts are Mike Comite and Jacob Tender

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